Yes Loans

What are yes loans? We define yes loans as the result of successful personal loan applications.

Although many people use their credit cards to pay for a large or special purchase such as a holiday or perhaps some expensive jewellery for a loved one, it can often be more sensible to use personal loans for these types of purchases.

This is because the interest rates on credit cards can be far higher than unsecured personal loans, and also the repayments on unsecured personal loans are more structured, so you know what you will be paying each month and when the debt will be clear allowing you to budget your finances effectively.

It makes sense that you aren't wasting your time and that the unsecured personal loans you are applying for are a "yes loans". We refer to loans where you are going to be approved as yes loans.


If you don’t want to be in debt for too long then you can opt for unsecured personal loans, where you can take your yes loan out over a shorter period and make higher monthly repayments to get it cleared quickly.

When taking unsecured personal loans it is also important to consider whether you want a fixed rate. Most unsecured lenders offer their personal loans on a fixed rate basis, and this makes for easier budgeting as it means you make the same repayment every month throughout the term of the loan, other than the final repayment, which may be slightly more in order to make up any unpaid interest.

If you decide to consider secured personal loans, you should bear in mind that these are secured against the home and therefore failure to keep up with repayments could result in you losing your home. Why not consider an unsecured personal loan

Your credit history and rating will seriously affect your ability to get unsecured personal loans, and most people with a poor credit rating will find that they cannot get unsecured personal loans, and may therefore have to turn to secured loans, which means that they will have to own their own home with some level of equity in it.
However, we specialise in providing yes loans to individuals with some form of bad credit

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December 9, 2013
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